Luke Haines – 21st Century Man



  • 1: Suburban Mourning
  • 2: Peter Hammilll
  • 3: Klaus Kinski
  • 4: Love Letter To London
  • 5: Wot A Rotter
  • 6: Our Man In Buenos Aires
  • 7: Russian Futurists Block Out The Sun
  • 8: English Southern Man
  • 9: White Honky Afro
  • 10: 21st Century Man

“A perfect piece of curtain twitching Rock n Roll. Morrissey would give his last quiff- hair to write something similar” WORD Album Of The Month

“21 st Century Man” boasts both intelligent humour and exquisite songwriting: quite possibly one of the best British records of 2009” ARTROCKER 5/5

“Britain’s most fearlessly offensive songwriter paints his jaw-dropping masterpiece for the 21st century.” INDEPENDENT 4/5

“Audacious and funny” UNCUT 4/5

“Haines is at his mordant best on the self knowing title track 21st Century ManTIMES 4/5

“Deliciously droll” MIRROR 4/5

“Haines remains as cold as winter and as aloof as gentry, so his intelligent demanding world remains unaltered” Q

“The terrific English Southern Man is evidence that Haines is far from finished” MOJO

“Glorious, glockenspiel-sparkled opening track from Haines’s forthcoming album, 21st Century Man, which features satanists next door, missing children found alive and church bells chiming for the afternoon swingers.” GUARDIAN